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My name is Romain Diboine.


I graduated in November 2010 from Strate College Designers, an industrial design school located in Paris, France, with a major in automotive design. But my long time passion for drawing and creation in general allowed me to extend my skill range to other fields, such as product design, graphic design, illustration, or art tutoring.


I believe that creativity is achievable through diversity. During my 5 year curriculum at school, I had several opportunities to travel, study and work abroad, in countries such as the US, South Korea, Japan or Germany. Being immerged within different study or work environments broadened my approach to designing objects, and made me understand and adapt myself to international processes. Because understanding human factors also implies acting local sometimes.


I am now ready to put my abilities to good use and contribute to any project you might undertake in a near future. Feel free to contact me!

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